Thursday, 2 September 2010

Thursday 2nd Sept 2010

Hmmm. decided to come back to Blogger and do some stuff. FB seems to be all consuming for some but lets give this another go.

Had my best ever Stourbridge glass festival last weekend and saw all the lovely glass bead peeps as well. Down side of matters is having sold everything I had, I now have to make loads more in readiness for the next gig.... where is that ? ooops diary not to hand.... will post all my upcoming events tomorrow. I do recall crafts for Xmas at the NEC is in November also the Welsh Bead fair is in October..... no grass growing here my friends.... back soon and thanks for looking in.

Beady hugs Ray x

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  1. The photos looked good, wish it was closer to me, so glad you did well in the sales department, hope you make more as i really need to have a set of your beads.